Dark Days are Coming... // Illuminate Your Safety with Brake Free


As daylight dwindles and the nights draw closer, motorcyclists face a new set of challenges on the road. From reduced visibility to unpredictable weather conditions, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and ensure that you are equipped with the right gear.

Brake Free with Ducati

// AUXILIARY LIGHTS: The Beacon in Darkness

Brake Free with Ducati

Visibility, in motorcycling, is twofold. Not only must the rider see, but they must also be seen. Auxiliary lights are essential tools in the motorcyclist’s arsenal, ensuring that they are visible to other road users even in low light conditions.

// FALL'S LOW HORIZON: The Unseen Challenge

Fall brings shorter days and a low-lying sun, which can be particularly blinding during morning and evening rides. The glare can impair a motorcyclist's vision and make them less visible to oncoming traffic.

Brake Free with Ducati Brake Free with Ducati Brake Free with Ducati


// Foul Weather

As seasons change, riders often grapple with rain, snow, and sleet. Such conditions not only reduce visibility but also make the road slippery, increasing the risk of accidents.

// Fog and Mist

The eeriness of fog and mist poses significant threats to riders. It not only clouds vision but also dampens the road, making it slippery.

// Unlit Roads

Rural or remote areas often lack adequate street lighting. Navigating these unlit roads demands heightened attention and the right gear to ensure you remain visible.

// Dense Traffic

Navigating through congested traffic demands heightened attention. The frequent stops, starts, and close proximity to other vehicles necessitate the need for enhanced visibility.

// BEYOND HI-VIS: Why Brake Free Outshines Traditional Safety Gear

While high-visibility gear provides passive reflection, Brake Free takes safety to the next level. With active illumination, it ensures that you are always visible, especially during braking, deceleration, or when you’re stationary.

Brake Free with Ducati Brake Free with Ducati Brake Free with Ducati


Motorcycling, especially during the darker months, presents its set of challenges. However, with the right gear, such as Brake Free, you can illuminate your path, ensuring you remain visible at all times. As we always say, it’s better to be seen than sorry. Choose Brake Free and light up your safety!

Illuminate Your Path // Choose Brake Free

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