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      Brake Free Tech produces world's brightest, dynamic, helmet mounted brake light. Brake Free is fully self-contained and works autonomously for well over 8 hours (Brake Free contains a AAA quality lithium ion rechargeable battery) without an app or cables.

      The brake light offers enhanced signalling due to its world-class, built-in wireless brake detection. Any which situation where the rider slows down - whether that be engine braking, down shifting or just simply coasting towards full stop - will cause the 100 leds to increase brightness signalling other traffic that the vehicle is slowing down.

      This helmet safety accessory fits to >90% of all helmets(*) and attaches through our proprietary 3M stick-on helmet mounts, thus providing a secure and 'off-road proof' installation of your Brake Free unit. Plus, it also easily detaches so that you could switch the unit over to your other helmets or install it for your 2-up rider.

      Brake Free is a true must-have for your motorcycle helmet.

      (* in 2022 available CE & FCC approved helmets)
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